Our Associations

Sociocross, by virtue of being a global platform, is looking to get associated with people and organisations that are working towards similar goal, i.e. to make this world a better place to live. We believe, there are numerous problems across the globe waiting to have someone who could work on to solve those in a sustainable manner. And, thus, we are looking to become a platform which will bring all the stakeholders together and target issues by converting them as an opportunity to create a business space around same. We have firm belief that no such impact will be possible with just one team doing it, we would need many more to come aboard. So, we are always looking for great partners who might think differently yet working for a common goal.

One such partnership drive is, Hult Prize Global. Our first step is to bring awareness in indian community about global issues prevailing and possibilities to bring solutions on table while thinking of great business ideas. We are bringing Hult Prize to India and are hopeful of contributing to what could be the biggest ever disruptive approach to bring solutions to the problems while budding the entrepreneur minds with right blend of everything that is needed to convert their ideas into a sustainable business. We look forward to be the catalyst for this change.

Sociocross will be conducting the "Hult Prize India" event for "Hult Prize global" challenge 2016 in association with the academic partner, IIM Ahmedabad. IIMA's Center for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE) and Entrepreneurship (Entre) club will be supporting us for the event. India's first ever event will be piloted and conducted at IIM, Ahmedabad in the month of January 2016, with India's top 30 winning teams from different B-Schools, participating with their unique business model to solve global social issues. With this, India will embark on the journey to mark its presence to solve key global issues with 1000s of engineering and management brains collaborating to pitch their business ideas.

About Aravindam Foundation

Aravindam Foundation is a non profit organisation in India with primarily three areas of work:

  • Gurukul Kalpataru: is about non formal education, personality and soft skills development
  • Prakriti: is about sustainable and responsible environmental practices, revival of natural vegetation and biodiversity, water conservation.
  • Haatmake: is the initiative for rural and slum women's skills and employability development.

  • www.aravindam.org

About Abhimanyu Abrol

Abhimanyu Abrol

Abhimanyu Abrol, is an Architecture alumnus from IIT Kharagpur in India. His specialization is in green and environment friendly building. He is currently the member of board of directors of Fundacja Aravindam and a consultant in environmentally responsible practices. He has worked for developing and implementing sustainability solutions for the Kamdhenudham Cow shelter and the Gurukul Kalpataru in Gurgaon. His efforts resulted in an agreement with the Hult Prize Foundation to introduce Social Entrepreneurship trainings for students in Indian Universities starting with the IIT's at Kharagpur and Roorkee. He is the International Ambassador for the Kajoli model of Education developed by Professor Shamsul Bari of the Research Initiatives, Bangladesh. He is a founding director of ASTER (Aravindam Sustainable Training and Enterprise), a Social Entrepreneurship venture of the Aravindam Foundation for the benefit of rural and slum women. He presently works from London and Gurgaon as BIM coordinator for Studio DRA and PRC consultants, UK.

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